Elmsdale belongs to Prince County, on the north western corner of Prince Edward Island. The community of Elmsdale was first formed in the 1800s, and was initially called Adams' Corner. As well, the town was also known as Reid's Corner for a short time until Elmsdale was permanently instituted in 1875. Elmsdale formed after the creation of two roads that formed a crossroads, which to the initial land owner, seemed like a great place to form a residence. Elmsdale is mostly an agricultural community. Also, Elmsdale is 54.4 km (33.8 mi.) northwest of Summerside.

Elmsdale is home to various types of tours, including bicycle, sea-kayak and eco-sensitive tours. As well, enjoy fine-dining at local restaurant and experiencing all kinds of local art at arts and crafts stores. See all the heritages buildings in Elmsdale as well, and enjoy hiking down scenic trails, fishing, picnicking and watching birds and other various animals. Enjoy visiting the nearby wetlands and relaxing at one of the many nearby parks, as well. Nearby communities also offer museums consisting of local history and so much more.

Elmsdale accommodations include bed and breakfasts and campgrounds.

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