Stanhope is located on the northern coast of Prince Edward Island, directly above Charlottetown. The British were the first to settle in Stanhope in the 1770s. Now Stanhope is a small rural town with a substantial influx of population growth in the summer months with people retreating to their beautiful cottages.
Bordering the gates of the Prince Edward Island National Park, Stanhope has many nature trails, campgrounds, and hiking trails to explore. For more active sports Stanhope outdoors are great for kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding, and biking. Golfing is always another option as there is a first rate golf course in Stanhope, perfect for an afternoon game.

There are spectacular water views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Covehead Bay from long white beaches, marked with lighthouses built from another time when all travel was done by sea. National magazines and papers like The Globe and Mail are constantly reviewing the accommodations in Stanhope, especially resorts along the beach, as must stops while traveling in the Maritimes. Stanhope is 21 km (13 mi.) from Charlottetown.

Stanhope accommodations include bed and breakfasts, inns, cottages, and campgrounds.

Stanhope Accommodations Listings

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Abbey Cottage Long Term Stanhope Ross Road Request Info
Bayside Cottages Long Term Stanhope 3396 Bayshore Rd. Request Info
Beaches & Greens Executive Cottage Long Term Stanhope x Request Info
Bel Canto By The Sea Long Term Stanhope 25 Warrens Rd. Request Info
Butler's Cottages Long Term Stanhope 68 & 74 Seaman's Rd Request Info
By The Bay Cottages - Executive Chalets Long Term Stanhope RTE 25 Request Info
By The Bay Cottages - Heritage Cottages Long Term Stanhope RTE 25 Request Info
Chelsy-By-The-Sea Long Term Stanhope 98 Blanchard Lane Request Info
Chetwin Lee Long Term Stanhope 99 Doc Soper Crescent Request Info
Covehead Cottage Long Term Stanhope 12 MacMillan Lane Request Info
Del-Mar Cottages Long Term Stanhope Gulf Shore Road, in PEI National Park Request Info
E. T. Kottage Long Term Stanhope Ruperts Road Request Info
Goodview Cottages By Stanhope Beach Long Term Stanhope 1319 Gulfshore Pkwy Request Info
Gulf Shore Cottages Long Term Stanhope 3512 Bay Shore Rd Request Info
Hopestan Acres Cottages Long Term Stanhope 1323 Gulf Shore Parkway Request Info
Labelle Rose Long Term Stanhope Rte 25 Request Info
Lee's Cottage Long Term Stanhope 2906 Bayshore Road Request Info
Lyon's Cottages Long Term Stanhope 7 Smallwood Lane Request Info
Morrison's Bay Watch Cottage Long Term Stanhope 3220 Bayshore Rd., Rte 25
Morrow's Farm Cottage Long Term Stanhope 1590 Brackley Point Rd. Request Info
Murph's Getaway Long Term Stanhope 21 Parkview Lane Request Info
Murphy's Sea View Cottages Long Term Stanhope Rte 20 (Blue Heron Coastal Drive) Request Info
My Sun Cottage Long Term Stanhope 24 MacMillan Lane Request Info
Reid's Stanhope Chalets Long Term Stanhope Little York RR1 Request Info
Sandpiper Cottages and Suites Long Term Stanhope 25 Roberts Road Request Info

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