Cape Traverse is positioned centrally, on the southern shores of Prince Edward Island, just a 6 km (3 mi.) drive to the Confederation Bridge. In fact, the Confederation Bridge, which crosses the Northumberland Strait, is visible from the Cape Traverse shores. In 1827, some residents of Cape Traverse actually ventured across the Northumberland Strait in icebreakers for the purpose of delivering mail, which was very dangerous at the time. In fact, lives were lost in the very cold and treacherous winter storms. Cape Traverse is 50.7 km (31.5 mi.) to Charlottetown, following Highway 1 east.

Cape Traverse is the destination of what was the first ever underwater cable in all North America. This submarine telegraph was created in 1852, running from Cape Traverse, under the Northumberland Strait all the way to Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick. A monument in Cape Traverse commemorates this major achievement. As well, the Ice Boat Service Monument commemorates all those involved in the process of carrying mail and passengers back and forth across the Strait for nearly a century. Cape Traverse consists of beautiful sandy beaches, amazing sunsets and plenty of activities including swimming, golfing, boating, horseback riding and so much more.

Cape Traverse accommodations include seaside cottages.

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Campbell's Beach Cottages Long Term Cape Traverse 194 Wharf Rd Request Info
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