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Charlottetown The Cradle of Confederation
Did you know that the meetings to start Canada on the road to becoming a country were held in Charlottetown?


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From To Principle Route km mi. Time
Charlottetown Alberton Hwy 2 West 122 76 1 hr, 42 mins

Distance and Time from Charlottetown to Popular Destinations

Time to the Destination City is based on an average speed of 80 km/h (49.71 mph). Principal Route shows the list of major highways travelled in the specified direction.

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Destination City Principal Route km mi. Time
Montague,  PE Hwy 3 East 46 29 0 hrs, 40 mins
Kensington,  PE Hwy 2 West 47 29 0 hrs, 42 mins
Summerside,  PE Hwy 2 West 62 39 1 hr, 0 mins
Souris,  PE Hwy 2 East 81 50 1 hr, 0 mins
Alberton,  PE Hwy 2 West 122 76 1 hr, 42 mins


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